Saturday March 25th Live music at The Venue Big Mama & The Misfitz Tickets £5 Doors Open 7pm Genre : Covers Band Band Members Taff the Taps, Biff the Bass, 'Uncle Watney' and 'Big Mama' Home Town :Frome Biography of ‘BIG MAMA & THE MISFITZ’ Having recently been voted in the ‘Wiltshire Times’ as one of the top 5 bands in this area, - With a huge range of music, that spans the years, ‘THE MISFITZ’ keep going from strength to strength! – combining good music, with a mixture of comedic banter with the audiences, - thus setting them apart from other bands…making it always a night to remember!!! The band consists of… Claire ‘Big Mama’ Perry. Lead vocals. – a professional singer/comedienne, doing the circuit in various bands over the past 20 years ,but is best known for being in the very successful female comedy duo ‘The Mocking Birds’ for 12 years – performing all over the country , with various television and radio appearances - also summer seasons in Europe for ‘Thompson Gold Holidays’. Claire has been with ‘The Misfitz’ now for the past 6 years, and their feedback from venues is always positive – as the band don’t just ‘stand there and play’?...they get the crowd involved, - which makes for an evening of great music - coupled with a whole heap of laughs!!! ‘Taffy’/ Drums. Taff the ‘Welsh man at the back’ – is a seasoned player,- who has been playing 40years or more! With his reliable, fun nature, and experience He has held down ‘the drum seat’ – for many well known bands over the years, covering various styles, Rhythm & Blues in ‘Blues De Ville’ – Country/dance - ‘The Pigs Ear Band’ through to many function bands, e.g. Mustang Sally, French Hotel, and of course the Misfitz ! ‘Biff the Bass’ ‘Biff’ is the ‘main man’ when it comes to a ‘bass line’!!!  With a solid, dependable sound, and many bountiful years of experience, Having been in various bands, including ‘Roadhouse’ and ‘The Shaky Band’ – also depping in with many others, - e.g. Blues De Ville, - and was one of the founder members of ‘The Misfitz’. Watney’/ Lead guitar. The ‘Inimitable Watney’… a late edition to the Misfitz…but a very welcomed one! . , Watney has a huge back history too, - including the ‘Cocky’ band, – and was one of the faces,& talents, behind the professional comedy band ‘Mechanical Horse-trough’ – entertaining audiences all over the globe, - plus fronting many bands including ‘ Blues de Ville’ as one of the best ‘blues players’ you’ll hear. A totally professional band, with ‘old school’ manners and ethics, time keeping, and courtesy, accompanied by a HUGE dose of ‘fun’! – an excellent combination of musical entertainment, along with some lively banter!